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Shake Shack Partners with Zero Acre Farms to Pilot Cleaner Frying Oil

9/18/2023 - "Zero Acre Farms, a food company focused on delicious, healthy and environmentally friendly cooking oil, today announced a partnership with Shake Shack on a pilot program using Zero Acre oil for frying. Beginning today, two of the fast casual chain's locations in New York City will exclusively fry with Zero Acre oil instead of soybean oil."

Chipotle Makes Investment in Cultured Oil Innovator Zero Acre Farms

3/23/2023 - "Fast casual chain Chipotle Mexican Grill announces it is investing in cultured oil startup Zero Acre Farms through its venture fund, Cultivate Next. The investment, made for an undisclosed sum, is part of a series of initiatives Chipotle is taking to help it further its socially responsible mission and meet ESG goals."

Forget olive oil. This new cooking oil is made using fermentation and requires 99% less water to produce

7/26/2022 - "Launching today, Zero Acre’s first product is a cooking oil made by fermentation: High in healthy fats and low in bad fats, its Cultured Oil is produced using 85% less land than canola oil, emits 86% less CO2 than soybean oil, and requires 99% less water than olive oil."

Investing with purpose: cooking up purpose with Zero Acre Farms

7/26/2022 - "Zero Acre Farms is showing the world what is possible  when purpose, science and entrepreneurship combine. The start-up is on a mission to give the world an oil change by replacing vegetable oils with healthier, more sustainable alternatives."

Zero Acre Farms Launches a Healthy Cultured Cooking Oil That Tastes Good and Saves the Planet

7/26/2022 - "Years later, with e-commerce and food industry successes under his belt, Nobbs’ Zero Acre Farm is bringing to market a cultured cooking oil (actually a multipurpose oil) that checks all the boxes. Not only is it healthier than alternatives such as corn oil, soybean oil, and canola oil, Nobb’s new entry into the market uses less water in its production and engages in no deforestation."


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