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Seed Oils… You might have heard that they’re “bad,” but you may not know exactly why.

Or, you’re familiar with the problems associated with seed oils, but come on… they’re everywhere. Are french fries off-limits forever?

Don’t worry. We’d never ask you to give up fries. Or fat, for that matter.

Instead, we want to offer you more of the good stuff and less of the bad with a fully-baked Seed Oil-Free Challenge that you can start anytime, anywhere.

The Seed Oil-Free Challenge is a 30-day challenge to minimize seed oils in your diet. No food restrictions, calorie counting, or macro tracking required.

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Avoiding seed oils may:

  • Improve heart health
  • Improve gut health
  • Promote healthier skin and hair
  • Boost mood and energy
  • Cut down on cravings
  • And much more!

Remove seed oils for just 30 days and feel the difference!

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Challenge FAQ

Seed oils are a common type of vegetable oil extracted from the seeds of crops. Seed oils contain high levels of inflammatory omega-6 linoleic acid. Here’s a list of the seed oils to avoid:

1. Soybean oil

2. Canola oil

3. Corn oil

4. Cottonseed oil

5. Sunflower oil

6. Safflower oil

7. Peanut oil

8. Rice bran oil

9. Grapeseed oil

10. Seed oil blends

Check your pantry or the ingredient list of packaged foods, and you’ll be surprised at how prevalent these seed oils are

Giving up delicious foods for the sake of your health is really hard. It’s one of the main reasons so many diets fail. But it’s not hard to give up a food that you’re barely aware you may be consuming in the first place. By avoiding seed oils, you can make a noticeable difference in your health without giving up the foods you love.

If you normally cook with soybean oil, try switching to olive oil or avocado oil. If you love fries from a fast food joint, try making your own fries with Cultured Oil or look for a restaurant that uses a better oil or fat instead. Alternatively, if your favorite chips or breakfast bar contains seed oils, substitute it for an equally delicious seed oil-free option.

The goal of the seed oil challenge is to eliminate seed oils from your diet. Although completely avoiding seed oils may not be possible since they’re so common, we ask that you challenge yourself to minimize them as much as possible!

Unlike other diets and health challenges, the rules here are simple: minimize seed oils.

The Challenge is designed to last 30 days to see how you feel when you cut out seed oils for an extended period. Are you less inflamed? Do you have more energy? Maybe you’re sleeping better at night? Do your best, and don’t worry if you can’t do it perfectly.

Absolutely! Download your free guide today and you’ll get a few supportive emails throughout the month to help guide your journey. 

Nothing! That’s right — just sign up, and you’ll get a free guide with tips, tricks, and recipes to support your new seed oil-free lifestyle. If you’re like us and already minimize the seed oils in your diet, we hope to make your life easier and spark conversation about avoiding seed oils!

Today, vegetable oils are extremely difficult to avoid. Even the most adamant vegetable oil critics often find themselves at a restaurant, whether fast food or Michelin-starred, with a menu full of food fried or dressed in seed oils. That’s why we're challenging you to minimize the seed oils in your diet. While it would be great to eliminate them entirely, that’s not possible for everyone.